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Crossweave Tape

Crossweave Tape, or Filament Tape, has longitudinal and crossweave reinforcement with fible glass coating and an agressive sticky synthetic rubber adhesive. It is an extremely strong tape excellent for bundling heavy products, sealing and reinforcing. It can be applied manually or with a hand tape dispenser.

Code Width  Length  Box quantity 
CWC25 25mm 50m 48
CWC50 48mm 50m 18
CWC75 72mm 50m 16
Double Sided Tissue Tape

Our high quality Double Sided Tissue Tape has a wider backing than the tape which makes it easy to remove the backing after application. It is suitable for assembling printed folders, splicing and lightweight assembly applications. This tape has a very a high tack hotmelt adhesive and is perfect for non-critical applications were a high grab permanent bond is required.

Code Tape Width  Backing Width  Length  Box quantity  Lead Time 
DSTF18/24 18mm 24mm 50m 30 8-10 working days
DSTF24/30 24mm 30mm 50m 25 8-10 working days
DSTF6/12 6mm 12mm 50m 60 Next Working Day 
Masking Tape

Our high-quality masking tape has natural rubber adhesive for superior grab and performance. For use by powder coaters, spray shops, furniture manufacturers, picture frames and many other industries.

Code Width  Length  Box quantity  Adhesive 
3MSK25 25mm 50m 72 Solvent 
3MSK50 50mm 50m 36 Solvent 
3MSK75 75mm 50m 24 Solvent 
Transfer Tape

This a general purpose transfer tape ideal for paper and card bonding. Typically used in print finishing on coated paper and board, attachment of material swatches and foam insulation materials. It has to be applied with a dispenser to apply the glue, our code for the dispenser is 3MATG700.

Code Width  Length  Box quantity 
RA2305 12mm 33m 72
Waterproof Cloth Tape

This is the ultimate purpose waterproof, flexible cloth tape, top quality cloth with a strong natural rubber adhesive. Has a very wide range of uses and will stick aggressively to itself and many surfaces.


Code Width  Length  Box quantity  Adhesive 
CLO48 48mm 50m 24 Natural Rubber 

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