Cargo Wise, our Pallet Protection Division

Working with clients around the world striving to reduce waste by eliminating costly consignment rejection, and to discover sustainable ways to protect freight in transit. 

Based in the UK, Cargowise are a fully accredited company with a focus of supplying solutions for the air freight industry.

Pallet Protection

These products are designed especially to be used in the Aviation Industry to collate all products on a shipment and protect goods from dust and the elements.

Visit Cargo Wise, our sister company for all your pallet protection requirememts. They have helped many businesses overcome rare cargo problems such as keeping products cool during transit, fire resistant and eliminating consignment rejection. 

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Corrugated Layerboard Dividers

Corrugated Layerboard sheets can be produced and supplied in any size and used as dividers, pallet stabilisers, base protectors and top boards.

We stock the most common size available, 950 x 1100mm

Advantages include, acting as a barrier between irregular shaped products, stabilising loads, reduces potential damage in transit and protects against protruding nails and splints of wood on pallets and spillages.

Code Size (mm)  Grade Pallet Qty
LP4840 950×1150 125TTB 400
Edge Protection

Cardboard Edge Protection is used for protecting the corners of palletised loads when wrapping using palletwrap film and strapping. They can be laid vertically and horizontally for reinforcement, stabilising and protecting.


Code Size (mm) Pack Size Pallet Size
EP115 1150 x 50 x 50 x 3 50 4000
EP134 1300 x 45 x 45 x 3 50 3000
EP1500 1500 x 50 x 50 x 3 50 2000
EP155 1000 x 50 x 50 x 3 50 3000
EP183 1800 x 35 x 35 x 3 50 3000
EP188 1800 x 80 x 80 x 4 25 1200

DynaChill temperature contol thermal foil pallet covers protect temperature sensitive goods during transportation. This product is used by cold chain logistics companies within the Aviation Industry for air cargo and for land based pallet transportation for chilled and frozen goods.

DynaChill is designed for transporting temperature controlled pharmaceutical, medical, perishable and electronic goods, used within the frozen (-20C), chilled (2-8C) and controlled ambient (15-25C) temperature ranges.

Code  Length (mm)  Width  Height 
FPC-1208 1210mm 810mm 1250mm
FPC-1208L 1210mm 810mm 1610mm
FPC-1210 1210mm 1015mm 1250mm
FPC-1210L 1210mm 1015mm 1600mm
FPC-3116 3180mm 2440mm 1600mm
FPC-3124 3180mm 2440mm 2400mm
Cargo Absorbent

Cargo Absorbent, a product developed in response to the increasing need of a robust absorbent for transportation of animals and direct use in the hold of narrow bodied aircraft. As such it is ideal for applications where personnel are expected to walk on the matting for loading purposes.

The classic and robust Cargo Absorbent can absorb 3 litres of liquid and can be cut to size.

  • Product code: CA1432
  • Width: 1.425 metres
  • Roll weight: 20 kilos
  • Roll length: 60 metres
  • Material weight: 183gsm
  • Absorption: 3 litres per square metre
  • Square metres per roll: 85.5

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