Electronics Packing Advice

With such a high value product, packing safely is critical when multiple parts can make up one package. The correct style box which allows for compartmentalisation to keep items separated during shipping can be easily devised. 

Electronics Case Study

“First off, we are getting very good quality for the price which is sort of the main thing. Excellent customer service is provided to us and as mentioned it has been 12 years and it is a very good relationship; we are like family.

When you call businesses usually, you never know who you are talking with, but with Test Valley we are not just a number

– Operations Manager, PEI Genesis

Going Sustainable within the Electronics Industry

Our Dynasafe range, offers excellent retention support as the film locks around the product to minimalise movement. This unique design allows the operator to pack efficiently whilst retaining the look and security of the produce.

Chargers, leads, batteries and spare equipment are kept apart from the main item. No tape or void fill is used, reducing the amount of packaging used.

We have a wide range of packaging available for the electronics industry. Our product development team work hard on bringing our customers packaging waste down with new innovative electronics packaging such as bespoke divider sets, retention packaging and 30% recycled anti static bubble wrap.

Here are some of our most successful statistics gathered from our customers:


Average reduction in breakages


Average reduction in plastic usage


Average packing speed improvement

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