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There are 3 types of E-Tape available in three different pressure sensitive adhesives, to understand how these tapes perform click the links: solvent (natural rubber), hotmelt (synthetic rubber) and water based acrylic.

E-Tape has a unique dispenser with many benefits against standard tape dispensers including a safety retractable blade, tape silencing unit, easy to replace spatula (supplied free-of-charge to our customers if needed), and easy to replace blade.

Recycled Content Products

We are continuing to provide eco-friendly alternatives to traditional e-tape, our EC2 tape is the first to be available with 30% recycled content.

Or you can make the switch to the eco-friendly alternative paper e-tape, keep scrolling to find more information. You may need something stronger, so take a look at our reinforced paper tape option here.


You ask, we answer

We have a dedicated team working with suppliers to find 30% recycled packaging solutions to help you meet your environmental commitments and reduce plastic waste. 

Our team of packaging experts are here to help, with 40+ years of experience and a passion for helping others – you can count on us. Pick up the phone and call 01264 598400 or use our online contact form here.

E-Tape 1

Solvent E-tape has a high performance adhesive. It will stick to a wide range of temperatures as low as minus 20°Celsius so this tape is ideal for use in chilled environments.

Code Colour Width Length Box quantity
EB1 BUFF 48mm 150m 36
EC1 CLEAR 48mm 150m 36
EW1 WHITE 48mm 150m 36
E-FRAGILE Printed “FRAGILE” in RED on WHITE 48mm 150m 36
E-SECURITY Printed “SECURITY SEALED” in RED on WHITE 48mm 150m 36
E-Tape 2

Hotmelt Adhesive E-tape is a reliable tape that will perform in most environments. The adhesive is made from synthetic rubbers, hydrocarbon resins and various additives. This produces a tape that is easy to unwind, has high tack and also has excellent adhesive properties.

Code Colour Width Length Box quantity
EB2  BUFF 48mm 150m 36
EC2 – Available in 30% Recycled content CLEAR 48mm 150m 36
E-Tape Plus

Acrylic adhesive E-Tape is the most eco-friendly E-tape. The adhesive coating process with water based technologies uses cold-applied acrylic adhesives that do not contain aqueous emulsion solvents. The result is a product with low noise unwinding, durable, non-toxic and resistant to UV rays.

Code Colour Width Length Box quantity
EBPLUS BUFF 48mm 150m 36
ECPLUS CLEAR 48mm 150m 36
Paper E-Tape

Made from kraft paper it is 100% recyclable. E-tape kraft paper tape rolls are double the length of the standard kraft paper tapes which reduces lost time due to roll changes.

Code Colour Width Length Box quantity
EK1 KRAFT 48mm 100m 36

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