Eco-Friendly Tape

We now stock a wide range of eco-friendly paper tapes, available in a range of widths and strength and most of them are able to be printed in up to 4 colours.

Advantages include:

  • Tape can be recycled with the box

  • Reduces carbon footprint

  • Aesthetically pleasing, improving the end-user open box experience

Eco-Friendly Tape 

With the ongoing climate crisis, switching to Paper Tape can help you reach your sustainability goals, reduce your carbon footprint and meet the increasing consumer demand for eco-friendly packaging. 

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Self-Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape

If water activated tape (gummed paper tape) is not practical in terms of application then Self-adhesive Kraft Paper Tape is the solution for you. This tape is applied with a standard pistol grip tape dispenser so companies can easily switch to eco-friendly paper tapes with minimal outlay.

Self-adhesive Kraft Paper Tape has a natural rubber adhesive that is suitable for use for packing frozen products and is high performance with excellent ‘grab’ and strong adhesion.

Also available as a reinforced version in 48mm wide.


Code Colour  Width  Length  Box quantity 
KSA25 KRAFT  25mm 50m 48
KSA48 KRAFT  48mm 50m 36
KSA48-FRAGILE KRAFT Printed FRAGILE in Red  48mm 50m 36
KSA75 KRAFT  75mm 50m 24
KSAR50 KRAFT Reinforced  50mm 25m 36
Gummed Paper Tape

Gummed Paper Tape is a water activated strong sealing tape which has cross-woven glass fibres for extra strength, resistance and tamper evident qualities. It is also highly resistant to temperature and humidity variations.

The adhesive is a natural starch based glue, activated by water, the adhesive soaks into the cardboard and fuses the tape to the box. Along with the fibreglass reinforcement, this makes if the most secure case sealing tape available. Due to its strength, only one length of tape is required to ensure a secure parcel.


Code Colour  Width  Length  Box quantity  Extra Information 
RGT48 KRAFT  48mm 200m 24 Reinforced
RGT70 KRAFT  70mm 200m 8 Reinforced
RGT70L KRAFT  70mm 305m 6 Reinforced
RGT70S KRAFT  68mm 100m 16 Reinforced
Gummed Paper Tape Dispensers

Gummed Paper Tape dispensers produce the accurate tape lengths for your cartons at the press of a button, reducing roll wastage and increasing your packing efficiencies.

All the machines are compact enough to occupy a packing bench or work station and can be easily operated to change the water chamber and select the length of tape you require.


Max Roll Length  Max Roll Diameter Tape Width  Power Requirement  Dispensing Speed  Extra Information 
BP555 300m 250mm Between 38mm – 75mm 220 VAC 1.143 metres/second  Can be fitted with foot pedal
BP500 200m 250mm Between 38mm – 75mm 230 VAC 13A 1.143 metres/second  Can be fitted with foot pedal
BP333 183m 190mm Between 38mm – 75mm n/a n/a Lever-Operated, 15 manually set tape lengths 

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