The first UK Manufactured Paper Bubble Wrap

Hexcelwrap has become the first UK manufactured paper bubble wrap, taking sustainability to the next level.

With it’s unique interlocking feature, there is no need for tape and can help speed up packing times by up to 50%!

100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Available in both kraft and white.

Award Winning Hexcel Wrap

Winner of the ‘Most innovting Product’ award at Packaging Innovations 2022.

The industry’s first UK manufactured paper bubble wrap was displayed in the ‘Innovations Gallery’ at the show, which was held on 25-26th May at the Birmingham NEC.

Improve efficiency with Integrated Hexcel benches

The use of Hexcel Wrap – a paper alternative to bubble wrap – has been made even easier with the development of an integrated dispenser. 

Housed under the bench, the Hexcel paper is simply passed through a pair of rollers and dispensed onto the bench at the optimal position for the packers.  

Reducing your Carbon Footprint

With 240,000 miles worth of Plastic Bubble Wrap produced each year, it is no surprise that businesses all around the world are starting to switch to a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic bubble wrap.

Test Valley Packaging manufacture the award winning Hexcel Wrap in the UK. This allows our customers to take their sustainability to next level, with Hexcel being the lowest carbon intensive paper bubble wrap in the UK.

Our packaging experts are dedicated to helping businesses reduce not just plastic, but all packaging waste. 


How much does it cost? 

Paper does cost more than plastic bubble wrap, this is because of the manufacturing process and source of the paper itself, ensuring it is supplied from sustainably managed forests.

Although what is often forgotten about is the savings in both time, packaging waste and space. It is an investment in your operations, but it’s also an investment to future generations.

To start your sustainability journey contact us on 01264 598400 or use our online contact form here.

“We reduced breakages by 50% within a few months of using Hexcel Wrap”

– One of the UK’s Largest Retailers | Operations Manager

Hexcel Roll Dimensions

Roll Width: 390mm (300mm wide when stretched)

Roll Length: 425m (stretched)

Material Brown: 80gsm Kraft Paper

Material White: 80gsm bleached Kraft Paper


Hexcel effortlessly wraps around products and the layers build up to offer protections as good, if not better than traditional plastic bubble wrap.

The original paper bubble wrap introduced into the UK by Protega Global is housed under the bench. Designed specifically for reducing breakages and surface protection. Used win conjunction with our industry leading Protega Paper Cushioning – you are likely to see a reduction in breakages of up to 50%. 



Hexcel reduces pack times by up to 50% increasing your productivity and lowering trye costs. With the surge of online shopping continuing to 2022, customers are expecting speedy deliveries and the increasingly more popular sustainable packaging options.

Your packing benches are in the heart of your packing stations and therefore are key for your operations to run smoothly, having a custom-built packing bench with an integrated paper machine, conveyor and under-bench paper bubble wrap dispenser can significantly improve your packing times.


Due to its compact size Hexcel takes up to 80% less space than bubble wrap. Our new integrated Hexcel Bench has been developed as a direct result of customers asking for ways to speed up their processes during the pandemic.

The Hexcel packing bench provides a space saving haven. Not only is the storage of packing materials virtually eliminated, the Hexcel Wrap – a paper alternative to bubble wrap – is on hand to dispense right at the point of use, and uses no valuable bench space.

Interlocking Features

Eliminating the need for tape due to Hexagonal cells keeping it from unravelling.

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