Pallet Top Covers

Sheeting is used to protect the top of pallets from moisture and dirt. The rolls are perforated it making it easy to tear and no need for a knife.

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Polythene Sheeting

Standard pallet top covers are laid across the top of the pallet and then the pallet is wrapped using pallet wrap film.

If you are using a turntable pallet wrapping machine they often have a program that interrupts the wrapping cycle to allow the cover to be applied during the wrapping cycle.

Ideally one wrap should be applied, from the top down, before putting the pallet top cover on, then secure it with the another layer of pallet wrap film.

Code  Size (mm) Gauge  Micron  Sheets per roll  Colour 
MTC36 900/1800 perfed at 1600 72 18 250 Clear
MTC36BK 900/1800 perfed at 1600 120 30 250 Black
MTC36WT  900/1800 perfed at 1600 160 40 250 White
Q7986 900/1800 perfed at 1800 200 50 150 Clear
Cargo Sheeting

Cargo Sheeting or Dynafilm is a multi-fold wide width polythene sheeting designed for aircraft pallets.

Code  Size (mm) Gauge  Micron  Sheets per roll  Colour 
DF615 6000 wide, 100m long, no perfs 60 15 n/a Clear
Q9408 5480 wide perfed at 6000 80 20 27 Clear

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