FSC® Certified UK Sourced Paper

Our Protega Paper void fill solution is both robust and easily mouldable. Because of the way the Protega paper is creased and crimped it secures and cushions your products, absorbing shock and eliminating movement in transit.

Made from 100% recycled paper and 100% recylable, biodegradable and compostable.

Eco-friendly, fast paced, UK manufactured paper void-fill dispenser.

Displaying the simple configureable controls, height adjustable stand and easy loading. Along with key features that help retailers speed up packing times, reduce breakages, save on space and increase the number of daily despatches.  

Case Study with Protega Paper

“We have managed to save in all areas of operations thanks to the Protega Cushioning and Paper. Our packing times have reduced by 40/50% and the reduction in breakages has been a relief to our operations.”

Is your packaging truly sustainable?

Here are some of the main factors to consider when reviewing or choosing your packaging:

  • do you have full transparency and proof on the source of your materials?
  • has it come from sustainable sources such as FSC® and PEFC
  • is it made from recycled material, and is it recyclable and biodegradable?
  • what environmental impact does it have when it is being produced or disposed of?
  • does it meet the market criteria for performance and costs?

A combinations your customers will love 

Hexcel Wrap & Protega Paper are a perfect fit for each other, not only do they look aesthetically pleasing but they give the ultimate protection for your products and display your environmental awareness.

Our team of packaging experts are here to help, with 40+ years of experience and a passion for helping others – you can count on us. Pick up the phone and call 01264 598400 or use our online contact form here.

Protega Protect

The ‘Protega Protect’ is a unique desktop paper void fill machine producing high volume ‘on demand’ protective paper packaging. The footprint of the slimline Protega machine is not much larger than an office printer, and fits easily into even the smallest despatch area. Alternatively it can be placed on a height adjustable stand and integrated into a packing line.

One unique feature is that the paper rolls are pre-folded. This means that they are easier to handle than traditional wide paper rolls, this has enabled the machine to be manufactured to a very small footprint of only 635mm x 360mm and at a weight of only 50kg.

Machine Features
  • Easy to configure the paper length and number dispensed
  • Slimline & compact design
  • Desk or floor stand mounting options offer unrivalled versatility
  • Quick & easy to load with both kraft and white paper stocks

Machine Benefits

Height adjustable stand

The Protega paper cushioning machine can be placed on a height adjustable stand and integrated into any packing line, enabling flexibility and increased productivity’. Protega Global supply bespoke packing benches in conjunction with our paper cushioning system which together can be integrated into your packing area.

Free Movement

We have designed the machine to be small enough and sufficiently light weight to move freely around your packing area. If required this gives you the flexibility to move the machine to different pack areas, or easily change your packing layout.

Protega Coiler

The coiler comes as an optional attachment to the Protega Machine which is programmed to produce paper coils at pre-set lengths. This is an ideal replacement for ‘foam in place’ typically used for heavy engineered, electronic or ceramic parts.

Protega Paper

Easy to Load

Due to its unique pre folded design our Protega paper rolls are smaller, lighter and easier to handle than traditional rolls, making loading easier than ever. At 14.8 KG the Protega paper rolls complies with the HSE’s recommended safe lifting weight at elbow height

Mobile Baskets

Lightweight mobile baskets are available to fill and distribute paper cushions from a single machine to multiple packing areas. Quick to assemble and mounted on castors these baskets are easy to manoeuvre in restricted spaces between pack benches.


FSC® Certified

Our Protega Paper is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and  made from 100% recycled paper. Protega Paper is also FSC® certified. Read more on eco-friendly paper and find out how your business can benefit from making the switch.

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