Postal Boxes

White or brown, easy to assemble die cut cartons. This popular type of self locking single wall carton comes with a white outer face and is perfect for postal requirements. Continue scrolling to view our range of ecommerce postal box sizes.

Book Wraps

Bookwraps are simple to construct, quick and easy to use for sending out books, DVDs and other flat items. They are multi-scored, catering for different sized items and are quickly sealed with a self-adhesive strip.

Postal Tubes

Our Postal tubes offer a high quality and convenient packaging choice for businesses looking to transport delicate products. From posters, maps to artwork and blueprints, you can be sure that these will provide the safety and security when travelling from the warehouse/office to your customers.

Perfect for e-Commerce

Our wide selection of sustainable e-commerce boxes are FSC® certified and can be made bespoke. With over 70% of UK consumers actively looking for sustainable packaging when buying online, now is the time to make the switch. Check out our range of paper protection products here

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Postal Boxes Sizes
Code Size Colour Pallet Quantity
TF7 180 x 120 x 46mm Brown n/a
TF11 270 x 170 x 50mm Brown n/a
WPB4 205 x 125 x 80mm White 1440
WPB6 275 x 180 x 80mm White 720
WPB8 360 x 280 x 90mm White 360
Book Wraps Sizes
Code Size Notes Pallet Quantity
BWA3 A3 Size, 420 x 320 x 100mm 1 line tape 780
BWA4 A4 Size, 300 x 250 x 70mm 1 line tape 1040
BWA5 A5 Size, 216 x 154 x 55mm 1 line tape 2700
Postal Tube Sizes
Code Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Pack Size Poster Size
CTLA 330 44.5 1.5 25 A3
CTLB 450 44.5 1.5 25 A2
CTLC 559 50.8 1.5 25 B2
CTLD 640 50.8 1.5 25 A1
CTLE 450 63.5 1.5 10 A2
CTLJ 813 76 2 10 B1
CTLK 940 76 2 10 A0
CTLL 1046 76 3 10 B0
CTLM 640 100 3 10 A1
CTLN 940 100 3 10 A0
CTLO 1046 100 3 10 B0
CTLR 1046 152 3 10 B0

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