Here you can find our new series of videos, explaining and demonstrating packaging tips, innovations, news and industry insights. A simple way to find quick answers to your packaging questions, covering the most frequently asked questions all in 60 seconds!

Episode 1 - Single V Double Wall

Ruth from Test Valley Packaging shows us the difference between single and double wall boxes and why you may want to review which box you are using for your products, all in 60 seconds!

Episode 2 - Easy Swaps to Avoid the Plastic Tax

Jack & Shelley show us some easy swaps with the 30% recycled content products and their paper alternatives along with the benefits of each, all in 60 seconds!

Episode 3 - Problems & Solutions of Using Paper Packaging

Ardenne explains the problems and solutions of paper packaging and how switching to paper packaging may be the right choice for you!

Episode 4 - FEFCO Box Styles

Cliff Jennings explains the different FEFCO box styles and how it can improve your packing experience.

Episode 5 - Plastic Tax FAQ

Lisa answers our most frequently asked questions about plastic tax! You can download our plastic tax guide for all

Episode 6 - Paper V Plastic Speed Test

Sebastian & Boyd race against each other to wrap 3 cups. Sebastian using Paper & Boyd using Plastic, which will come out on top?

Episode 7 - All about tapes!

Phoebe describes the differences between tapes and gives some expert advice on what tapes can be used for different scenerios.