High quality standard tapes

A selection of: Acrylic, Solvent, Hot-melt, and PVC packaging tapes available in box quantities for next day delivery.

We Supply industry standard widths of tape in 25, 48, 66 and 75mm in this section.

Acrylic Polypropylene

Ideal for securely sealing light to medium weight cartons for transit, shipping or storage. This is the most cost effective alternative to solvent based and hot melt tapes. It has a water-based eco-friendly adhesive with excellent U.V. resistance.


Code Colour  Width  Length  Box quantity 
BA48 BUFF 48mm 66m 36
CA48 CLEAR 48mm 66m 36
Hotmelt Polypropylene

Hotmelt based adhesive provides a strong adhesion to corrugated cases and general packaging. It has a pressure sensitive coating ideal for corrugated packing, bundling and sealing.


Code Colour  Width  Length  Box quantity 
CHM25 CLEAR 25mm 66m 72
BHM48 BUFF 48mm 66m 36
CHM48 CLEAR 48mm 66m 36
BHM75 BUFF 75mm 66m 24
Polypropylene Low Noise Tape

Polypropylene pressure sensitive adhesive tape is designed to be silent during use, ideal for carton sealing and general packaging. It has excellent grab and resistance to temperature fluctuations.


Code Colour  Width  Length  Box quantity 
VC48 CLEAR 48mm 66m 36
VB48 BUFF 48mm 66m 36
BLN48 BUFF 48mm 66m 36
CLN48 CLEAR 48mm 66m 36
PVC Packing Tapes

PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) or vinyl tapes are typically moisture and chemical resistant. In general they peel clean from most surfaces, conform to awkward surfaces and use natural rubber adhesives which make them unlikely to react with the surface they are in contact with.

The natural rubber adhesives use solvents during manufacture of which 99% is typically recycled or incinerated minimusing the negative impact on the environment. The tapes are dried in an oven during manufacture to remove all solvents from the tape.


Code Colour  Width  Length  Box quantity  Notes 
CV25 CLEAR 25mm 66m 72  
BV48 BUFF 48mm 66m 36  
CV48 CLEAR 48mm 66m 36  
WV48 WHITE 48mm 66m 36  
GR48 GREEN 48mm 66m 36  
YV48 YELLOW 48mm 66m 36 avaliable as bespoke 
RV48 RED 48mm 66m 36  
BV75 BUFF 75mm 66m 24  
CV75 CLEAR 75mm 66m 24  
BKV48 BLACK 48mm 66m 36 avaliable as bespoke 
Solvent Polypropylene

Solvent adhesive will stick to most surfaces in a wide range of temperatures as low as minus 20º celsius. This makes it is ideal for use in chilled environments such as in freezers within the food industry. It is 28 micron thick offering high strength.


Code Colour  Width  Length  Box quantity  Notes 
BP48 BUFF 48mm 66m 36  
CP48  CLEAR 48mm 66m 36 avaliable as bespoke

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