Hexcel Stretch - Paper Pallet Wrap

The all new paper alternative to plastic pallet wrap

Pallet Wrap is an innovative 100% paper-based pallet wrapping system. A cost-effective and sustainable shipping solution, fully recyclable, plastic-free alternative to traditional pallet wrapping material.

Eco-Friendly. Strong. Lightweight

DynaWrap is a pre-stretched pallet wrap that has saved tonnes of plastic waste, cardboard cores and cartons every year, preserving the environment and keeping costs down. The film is lightweight, up to 70% less than conventional stretch pallet wrap films and does not need stretching in order to achieve a tight wrap which reduces operator fatigue.

Dynawrap Benefits

Watch the Test Valley Team show you how simple it is to wrap a pallet with our industry leading wrap, Dynasafe. 

From cost saving, reduction in plastic waste and eliminating movement, Dynasafe has many benefits that will help your business. 

A variety of pallet protection products available

Test Valley stocks a wide range of pallet wrap in various widths, lengths and thicknesses. We also stock our unique range of DynaWrap, the pre-stretch pallet wrap which combines ease of use with superior load stability. 

Check out Raptor Wrap, our latest and Stretch film made specifically to save costs and reduce plastics.

Dynawrap - Pre Stretched Film

Machine Wrap

As Dynawrap does not need stretching in order to achieve a tight wrap, it works well on less sophisticated pallet wrap machines. If you are not sure how much your machine is stretching the film, we can visit your site and quickly assess whether Dynawrap is the best solution for you.

Machine  Width  Length  Thickness Colour 
DYNA-MBK 450mm 2500m 10 mu Black 
DYNA-MH10 430mm 2500m 10mu Clear
DYNA-VMHQ 430mm 2500m 8mu Clear

Hand Wrap

There is a range of Dyna hand wrap films available in different thicknesses and colours. We offer free training sessions to ensure maximum benefit from the wrap, as it needs to be used differently to standard wrap.

Hand  Width  Length  Thickness  Colour  Notes
DYNA-BK 400mm 500m 10mu Black  
DYNA-BLUE 400mm 600m 6mu Blue  
DYNA-V10 400mm 500m 10mu Clear  
DYNA-V6 400mm 600m 6mu Clear  
DYNA-V8 400mm 600m 8mu Clear  
DYNA-VX6L 400mm 600m 6mu Clear Extended Core 
DYNA-VX7 400mm 600m 7mu Clear Extended Core 
DYNA-WHT 400mm 600m 8mu  White Bespoke 
Cast Hand Wrap

Cast pallet wrap film has a natural cling, with a quiet unwind. Cast film is more stretchy than blown film so theoretically will give greater yield.

In contrast, blown film does not have a natural cling and requires an added tackifier to make it stick to itself when wrapping pallets. This tackifier hardens in cold weather reducing its ability to give a secure palletised load, whereas cast film has a natural cling and will operate in freezing conditions. Therefore cast film can be used in chilled environments such as the chilled food industry.

Code  Width  Length  Thickness Colour  Notes 
BF525B 500mm 250m 23mu Black   
RX417 400mm 300m 17mu Clear  
RX417X 400mm 300m 17mu Clear Extended Core
RX420 400mm 300m 20mu Clear  
RX420X 400mm 300m 20mu Clear Extended Core 
RX434 400mm 200m 34mu Clear  
RX520 500mm 300m 20mu Clear  
RX523W 500mm 250m 23mu White  

This film dispenser has a robust construction making it ideal for wrapping standard core film to carry out pallet wrapping tasks. This dispenser is manually controlled, with a twist grip handle, making it easier to maintain the correct tension while wrapping.

Code Roll Size  Core Size  Length of film 
SR500 fits 400-500mm  38/50/78mm 300m (20 micron) 
Cast Machine Wrap

We have two options of power pre-stretch film, one which stretches up to 150% and the other which stretches up to 250%. The 150% is for use on all types of turntable machines from core brake to power pre-stretch machines.

Not all machines have the capacity to stretch film up to 250%. A pallet wrap film stretched 250% will increase the length of the film by 3.5 times and reduce the thickness by a similar ratio. This gives a tight securely wrapped palletised load, and by stretching you reduce the weight of film per pallet which reduces the impact on natural resources.

Code  Width  Length  Thickness Colour  Stretch
510-17 500mm 2000m 17mu Clear 150%
510-23 500mm 1500m 23mu Clear 150%
545B  500mm 1500m 23mu Black  150%
550-20 500mm 1550m 20mu Clear 250%
550-23 500mm 1500m 23mu Clear 250%

Handywrap film is great for all bundling applications, applies quickly and easily and leaves no residue on the product. This is best used with a Handywrap dispenser (Code GKN4) which enables the rapid application of Handywrap, simply push it through the core and click it into place.

Code  Width  Length  Thickness Colour 
HWF4 100mm 150m 17mu Clear
Pallet Covers

Reduce plastic waste by using our resuable pallet covers in place of palletwrap Ideal for closed-loop freight services or transporting goods between warehouses. These durable, waterproof covers will eliminate the need for pallet wrap, reducing your plastic waste.

All our covers come complete with base sheets for complete protection and velcro seal for perfect fit.

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