Cosmetic Packing Advice

Small individual items or a variety of multiple items that can be packed to fit through a letter box can be ideal for the cosmetics industry. It’s important never to over spec boxes carrying lighter items to control costs.

A single wall branded postal post or paper mailing bag with items wrapped in our award-winning paper bubble wrap can offer both protection and create great brand recognition.

Cosmetic Case Study

“Sustainability is very important to our business, we decided to switch from using plastic bubble wrap to paper bubble wrap and for some of our products using retention packaging. We did have concerns over damages in transit but to our suprise we ended up reducing breakages by 41%!”

– Operational Manager, UK Leading Cosmetic Brand

Going sustainable within the cosmetic industry

With over 2.3 million tonnes worth of Plastic packaging used each year, it is no surprise that businesses all around the UK are starting to switch to a more eco-friendly alternative to plastics.

Our packaging experts are dedicated to helping businesses reduce not just plastic, but all packaging waste. Our eco-friendly packaging range may fit the needs of your products and help you reach your sustainability goals.

We work with some of the largest UK cosmetic companies, providing susustainable, eco-friendly packaging alternatives. We aim to continue innovating our products to become more sustainable and work closely with our customers to meet environmental targets, cost savings and operational efficiency. 

Here are some of our most successful statistics gathered from our customers:


Average reduction in breakages


Average reduction in plastic usage


Average packing speed improvement

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