Fastfil & Biofil

Biodegradable Loosefill.

Biofil Biodegradable loosefill is environmentally friendly and an alternative to polystyrene loosefill. Its shape allows it to lock together minimising migration in transit.

Polystyrene Loosefill.

Fastfil Polystyrene loosefill is made from 100% recycled polystyrene and its shape is designed to lock together to minimise product migration in transit.

Eco-Friendly Alternative Loosefill

HexaFil, a sustainable alternative to polythene can help protect your products in transit whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

Over 70% of UK consumers are more likely to purchase from a company using paper packaging and this number continues to increase year on year.

Fastfill Polystyrene Loosefill
Product Code Bag Quantity Recycled Material
FF15 15 cubic feet/0.425 cubic metres 100%

Biofil Biodegradable Loosefill
Product Code Bag Quantity
BF15 15 cubic feet/0.425 cubic metres

Paper Alternative HexaFil
Product Code Material Colour
HP300FNB Paper White or Brown

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