Honesty, integrity, helping others, respect, care, these all come before commercial considerations. Adhering to core values make for an enduring organisation. Putting share-holder value before values will ultimately result in the demise of a company or organisation. Test Valley Packaging has a loyal customer base who value a relationship with people that they can trust.

We are committed to performance with integrity. Doing what is right for our stakeholders and our customers must be at the heart of every decision we make. In doing so, we demonstrate integrity in action, at every level, every day. We expect our employees to share our values, to act transparently and with integrity at all times.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do

We listen, take time to understand and then innovate, invest and train

We foster and promote enthusiasm

We readily embrace new ideas

We acknowledge when we are wrong and take responsibility

We are respectful and courteous to every person we meet

We inspire loyalty because we care