Garden Case Study

Andy Taplin, Head of Supply Chain worked closely with Test Valley Packaging to improve on the pallet wrap that they were using, by reducing costs and plastic usage.

Andy stated that “the wrap that we were using, we didn’t have any problems with, we were more than happy with its performance. The challenges were around price and the amount of plastic we were actually using to get that performance.”

Garden packing advice

The shipping of live plants is one that needs care and consideration given the potential of damage in transit with such delicate cargo. A strong double wall box with inserts can secure multiple small pots and it a quick and effective way of creating stability. By using a coil of Protega paper voidfill, the strength created from the pad acts a secure cushion for large outdoor garden items such as ceramics, locking them in place and reducing any movement. 

Going Sustainable within the Garden Industry

With over 2.3 million tonnes worth of Plastic packaging used each year, it is no surprise that businesses all around the UK are starting to switch to a more eco-friendly alternative to plastics.

Our packaging experts are dedicated to helping businesses reduce not just plastic, but all packaging waste. Our eco-friendly packaging range may fit the needs of your products and help you reach your sustainability goals.

We have been working within the Garden industry for over 30 years, providing substantial packing efficency improvements. We aim to continue improving the services and products we provide by retaining feedback from our customers and working with them to meet environmental targets, cost savings and operational efficiency.

Here are some of our most successful statistics gathered from our customers:



Average reduction in breakages


Average reduction in plastic usage


Average packing speed improvement

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