Mole Valley save significant amount on cost and plastic usage

Mole Valley Farmers have partnered with a third-party distribution company, Howard
Tenens to distribute to their stores all over England. Sending assorted shaped pallets, the goal is simply for the pallets to arrive at the end destination in the condition that they left the warehouse. Test Valley were able to help reduce plastic usage by 48%!

Watch our Case Study with Mole Valley and find out why switching to Raptor Wrap could save you in costs and plastic usage.

Andy Taplin, Head of Supply Chain worked closely with Test Valley Packaging to improve on the pallet wrap that they were using, by reducing costs and plastic usage.

Andy stated that “the wrap that we were using, we didn’t have any problems with, we were more than happy with its performance. The challenges were around price and
the amount of plastic we were actually using to get that performance.”

With the current climate, in a competitive market, reaching sustainability goals and becoming
carbon neutral is something that everybody strives for. “From a carbon footprint perspective,
48% reduction in plastic use, and that is a significant result for us!”

Images by Icarus Creative

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